SEO Tips for Arabic Websites

SEO is very important for any website including Arabic websites, while competition is high on english content, you can enjoy the freshness of Arabic Content in some fields and get ranked ahead of other competitors.

If you are making SEO for your Arabic website, here are some tips that I hope will benefit you:

1-Make It an arabic website: Some webmasters think they  just need to translate two or three pages from English to Arabic and they can have what called “Arabic Website”. By Arabic Website: I mean this :
-Use the subdirectory  /ar in your main domain, for example :
-Make it all Arabic, Text, Header and every single word in it.
-Use RTL pages and make sure your content is 100% Arabic.

2-Get An Arabic Back-links: Send Arabic PRs to Top Arabic News Websites and Blogs, have some links to your website in it’s Language from local websites.

3-Don’t use An Auto Translation service without a content review from a Native Speaker.

4-Ignore the search results from forums when you are monitoring your keywords rankings. Most Webmaster ger frustrated when they search for a keyword they think they should rank for and find top 5 results coming from local forums, I tell you this: most users ignore these results too, I have worked on many keywords that were ranked #5  in the first search page, and the click through rate for these results was very high, sometimes it reached 40%.


SEO For New Websites

It is important to start your new website SEO even before you start your business.

As we know, Getting into google results take time, you don’t want to tell people about your startup and when they go to google: they will never find it.
So Here are some quick and valuable SEO tips that you can do by your self for your new website:

1-Start Earlier: You can start the first website page even before you release the website, by putting a coming soon page for example or a subscribe page.
this will help your website in getting indexed in google faster.

2-Submit the website to Google, It is easy and quick.  You can submit your website to google from here.

3-Submit your website to some web directories, like Dmoz and some other local directories.

4-Create the Social Media Channels on different platforms: Twitter, Facebook, google plus, Pinterest, Instagram and even Foursquare if your business have a physical location.
Do this even if you are not ready to manage these accounts. This will help your website ranking more than you think , Trust me :)

5-Make sure you will have some Press Releases about your business once you start and try to get these press releases with a link back to your website.

6-If you have a web company, submit your company to CrunchBase. 

7-Keep an eye on your website main keyword ranking, for example: keep searching for the website name without the “.com” and keep linking to your website and optmizing the website title until you find your website #1 Result on its keyword.

8-Set up a google alert to stay updated with what other websites/people are saying about your website.

The “Get Discovered” Is Now Discovered!

Welcome to the first post in my blog “Discover and Get Discovered ”. In this tiny blog: I will try to make it easy for anyone with a GOOD product( Whether it is a portal, E-Commerce Website or any valuable thing that could get any value from the Web or the Internet).

In my 140seo blog, I tried to explain some SEO tips in simple and short statements with 140 Charters. In this Blog I will explain more about Digital Marketing from A to Z with the focus on:
-Helping new and small bushiness Getting discovered.
-Helping Digital Marketing Ninjas Discover new ways to make their projects even more efficient.

Let me know what do you think please in the comments below: